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The Paint Quality Institute (PQI) is considered the leader in educating paint professionals and consumers on advances in technology and the use of today’s innovative products for both protection and decoration. PQI was founded in 1989 in Philadelphia with the initial goal of educating consumers, contractors and retailers on the advantages of using the highest quality paints and coatings. Today, PQI also delivers information on cutting-edge trends such as color, decorative techniques, and innovative ways to use paint.

PQI University Training programs are based on in-depth experience and practical findings generated by the Institute’s broad range of testing facilities located in 14 sites worldwide. At these facilities, paint formulations are subjected to real-life conditions and their performance monitored over time. There are currently 30,000 panels and over 120,000 paints on exposure at our Spring House, PA facility alone, and more than a million paints have been evaluated at this site.

The courses contained in the University provide top-quality information on a wide range of topics and are geared towards homeowners, who may want to improve their knowledge and expertise, as well as professionals who are committed to learning the most up to date information.

There are three in-depth courses which include information on the basic ingredients of paint and how those ingredients impact performance as well as modules on exterior and interior painting.

No matter whether you are planning to paint your home yourself, a professional painter increasing skills and knowledge or a store sales associate with the goal of better servicing customers through increased paint knowledge, the courses in PQI University will meet your needs.

All courses are open to both paint professionals and the general public for a one-time fee of $40.00 payable by credit card.

Please begin with Paint and It's Ingredients.

Those who complete the training may print an acknowledgeable right from our website.

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    Paint is far and away the most popular decorating tool for homeowners and professionals.In this module, you’ll learn about the ingredients that are used to make paint and the role of those ingredients to protect or decorate an interior or exterior space.

    Exterior paints have tremendous demands place on them and are formulated to protect the surface they are placed on for years and years.You know from Module 1 that quality paints provide the best service life but do you know the other key steps in completing a quality exterior paint job?In Module 2, Exterior Painting, you’ll learn about surface preparation, the tools needed to apply paints and the importance of “weather” when painting.

    Often a do-it yourself project, interior painting is considered the most economical way to change a space.This module will explain the importance of beginning with a clean and sound surface, where to use various paint gloss levels and why your brush or roller might be your paints “best friend”.